Pauline G. Malysko
President & CFO

Pauline G. Malysko is the President and Chief Financial Officer for Logix. Since her appointment as President of Logix, she has expanded her role to include development of strategic alliances, ensuring the continued growth of the company. With her background as Chief Financial Officer, she is focused on strengthening the core competencies of the corporation as well as maximizing the existing resources. The development of the management team has been a major focus of the past year.


Prior to joining the Logix team in 1995, Pauline was the CFO for a major dental manufacturer in Carson, California, for 12 years. Pauline has had over 30 years experience in accounting in a variety of arenas, including the garment industry, the automotive industry, and the cable industry.  She has served on the Board of Directors of a major corporation.

Personal information

Pauline has a love for music, poetry and plants.  When she is not at Logix, she devotes much of her time to studying and teaching the Bible.  Other interests include art, reading, and collecting antiques, including anything in cobalt blue glass. She has two grown children and two grandchildren.