D. Keith Howington
Founder and CEO

David Keith Howington is the founder of the company, and as chief executive is responsible for the ongoing strategic growth of Logix, and overall quality of its operations.


Prior to founding Logix, Keith Howington spent several years in restaurant management from fast food to Red Lobster.  Also, he was sales manager for Allied Carpet in Ft. Lauderdale, and started his first business, mowing lawns, somewhere around age 10.   His initial experience working for others was as a bag boy at age 12.  This was an enjoyable and surprisingly well-paying job, as Keith took the sales and customer service aspects very seriously.  Graduating into restaurant management at 17, he won awards for best store, and cleanest store in a nationwide chain, and wound up traveling and teaching at other branch locations until the chain was sold in the early 70's. 

There's a bit of confusion regarding the name, understandably.  "Keith", Mr. Howington's middle name, has been what he's been called by his family his entire life.   As he moved into the business world, he used "Dave" more frequently, and only recently is being called "Keith" again.  There were so many "Daves" in recent business dealings that "Keith" was used as an expedient, and this caught on in other conversations as well.  So, there are friends that call him by each, and he promises to answer to both for the forseeable future.

Keith continued in fast food and then family restaurants, then into the insurance industry, which took him to Cape Kennedy.  He continued his pursuit of scientific interests, and when microcomputers became available in the mid '70s, this was a pivotal point.  Keith worked as a machinist/programmer in an aerospace firm while getting his business going, and has never looked back.

During the early years of business development, Keith taught computer science at Florida Community College, and has served as technical and business consultant to the U.S. Social Security Administration as well as a variety of Fortune 100 corporations, small companies and government agencies.

Personal information

Keith's primary hobbies are learning and teaching.  His interests are many, and include people, personal development, many disciplines of science, space development, aviation, martial arts, Japanese culture, and education.  His wife and life-mate Anne Howington also plays a vital role in the company and in Keith's life.