The Scrapbook

This is a sort of photo album and collection of tidbits from Logix's history.   You'll find "happygrams" and interesting correspondence, photos from parties and events, and odd and ends that don't fit anywhere else.  It is, in many respects, a cross between the notices on an official bulletin board and the drawings tacked up on Grandma's refrigerator. 

These are published primarily for our employees, some of whom have joined us recently, to have a sense of continuity with the history and "feel" of the company.   Many clients and other friends of Logix have asked for access as well, so here they are:

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Some items of interest:

Logix Open House, March 17, 1998

    We celebrated the official opening of our new Camarillo offices, and had many friends and guests over for good times, good music, good food, and good conversation.  The official "Ribbon Cutting Ceremony" took place, with officials of local government and business organizations participating.

    Logix had, as always, lots of good food.