Products and Services

What do we do, exactly?

It's a more complicated answer now than was true when we got started over 20 years ago.   Logix offers a variety of services in four main areas, but they all fall into the realm of "technology in the service of business excellence":

Kiosks and digital signage

Financial processing

Call Center services

Technology development

Internet services

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Informational kiosks

Informational kiosks provide details about your company, your facility, or your community. This information may be any combination of graphics, video and text. It's easy to update, and we can work with you on creating the material.

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Wayfinding systems

If you have a place large enough to need a map or diagram, your visitors can benefit from a Logix wayfinding system. They can find their way around your university, hospital, shopping mall or laboratory quickly, and get detailed information about who and what they're heading for as well as step-by-step directions. For some installations, the visitor can print a map, or directions may be sent to their cell phones.

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Digital signage

Digital signage on the spot, at checkouts or on the wall. Let us put your messages -- or ones you place for others -- right where they'll do the most good. We can compleetly manage the content and ad scheduling, on a single screen or on thousands.

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Touchable advertising

Touchable advertising is part of most Logix kiosk systems. In addition to showing the way, the Logix kiosks can show the why -- giving your customers a reason to go there. And a touch on the ad brings up the details and offerings as well as the path. These ads can be revenue generators that can pay for the system!

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Credit/debit/ATM processing

Logix offers automated credit card processing systems that can interface directly to your existing software.  For example, if you are using an older software package that does not support live processing (most don't) and you can't modify it -- we can build a live authorization system that attaches to it, even in DOS-based systems.   Your operators still use the same screens, but our system picks up the credit card info as it's being typed, gets the card authorized, and reports the result back to your sales rep right on the screen.  No more "run the cards at night" or "run the cards by hand"; this is fast, reliable, the information is only typed once, and it saves you money while eliminating "declined card" losses.

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Terminal to processor translation

Logix Development Corporation offers a way to send the information in your terminal to a processor of your choice without the hassle of reprogramming all of your terminals. You tell us the name of your current processor and your future processor and we'll take care of the rest. We'll provide you with customized reports as needed if our basic reports don't suit your needs. You also have electronic access to your data so that you can download and see the activity on your account.

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Automated retail "instant checks"

Logix Development Corporation offers a way for you to print checks in an instant. Customers needing cash can swipe their debit or credit card and, once approved, a check is printed. You can take the check and deposit it at your bank along with your other checks or the customer can take it and use it elsewhere.  Either way, you pocket your service fee.

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Special-Purpose Bank Interfaces

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24-hour Inbound

Your company can increase its profits using Logix Development Corporation's 24 Hour Call Center through:

Call Center services can be incorporated into your Internet or direct marketing campaign by utilizing Logix Development Corporation's 24 hour 800 number operations.   Highly trained customer service representatives (CSRs) will provide the expertise that increases the quality of your service while reducing the cost!

In conjunction, customized computer program scripts are utilized to ensure the consistency of your message, and adherence to your policies.  "Field-by-field" help messages assist the CSR on-line, providing valuable information about your product or service as the sale is captured.  Training time is reduced, and customers receive clear and concise answers to their questions.

Customer data is easily referenced in seconds, based on account name, phone number, location or any other criteria. Unique account protection methods are built into the Logix network, and the information is passed on to your company in regular reports.

Logix Development Corporation 24 Hour Call Center standards include:

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Outbound Telemarketing


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Product Sales and Distribution


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International Sales

Logix Development Corporation's Call Center handles sales of product and services to international customers as well as those calling from within the USA. These customers are accommodated by voice, FAX, and the Internet (and yes, even "Snail Mail").

As an example, the LPM package (a computer programmer development platform) was ordered from and shipped to over 70 countries worldwide.

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Satellite and Pay-Per-View

Logix Development Corporation excels in the mechanics of satellite television technology:

Do you own your own TV station?  Have you ever wanted to?  Obviously, this is not a service intended for the vast majority of customers.  However, if your interests or business plans point in this direction, Logix Development Corporation has the complete solution to your satellite broadcast needs.

The satellite television industry presents an ever-changing world of new technology and new opportunities. Logix has demonstrated a commitment to addressing the issues facing all programmers in this field, achieving excellence in our endeavors to provide state-of-the-art global technology services.

Logix can handle all facets of your business, from encryption and uplink engineering to consumer support. By creating and implementing technology systems and business software, and coordinating activities between vendors, affiliates and departments, Logix has been able to drastically reduce the time it takes to launch a new channel or global network.

Our staff will assist you in choosing technologies that will allow your company to keep up with the pace of an ever-changing industry, within the guidelines of your budget.

By integrating with the other resources available at Logix Development Corporation, you can set up and run a complete subscription or pay-per-view service, or a trans-oceanic, wide area network. Cost effective advertising using our exclusive AutoTAM (automated tier-addressed message) system delivers a continuous stream of messages via satellite, motivating your potential customer to buy! The customer can access your channel within minutes by calling our 24 hour Call Center, as our 800 number operations monitor and track the effectiveness of your advertising. Our Customer Service Representatives can set up a new account, renew or upgrade an existing account, verify credit approval and troubleshoot immediate concerns with your customer on-line.

Our 24 hour DataCenter operates 365 days a year, responding to emergencies and providing full back office support. Our Marketing Department offers graphics for print media, 3-D modeling and animation, video capture and digitization to complete the package.

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Product fulfillment


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In-store Video Displays

Logix Development Corporation offers a complete PC-based system for playing multiple video messages. This system allows you to schedule messages to play at the time you think will provide you with the greatest benefits. You will have a supply of messages readily available and you are free to access as many as you need. Your customers will no longer see the same boring video over and over unless you want them to!

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Satellite C-Band Authorization

At Logix Development Corporation we can authorize your C-Band customers with our high speed point to point connection to General Instruments Access Control Center.  Our custom software allows your C-Band satellite programming to be distributed with amazing speed and reliability.

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Frame Relay Carrier Translation

We've been involved in Frame Relay since the early days of widespread commercial use.  Our background with Frame Relay includes multi T1 connectivity with several of the telecommunication industry's largest frame relay providers.

If there is a need for your company using frame relay to connect to other sites, then Logix Development Corporations Frame Relay Carrier Translation will not only speed up the process, but do so more cost effectively.

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24-hour Data Processing

Logix Development Corporation maintains a 24 Hour DataCenter that serves as the central processing center for all of our back office operations:

The DataCenter monitors all hardware, outside communications, system performance and database maintenance. Sophisticated reports are available on a daily basis, and are generally available on demand for any time period desired.

If your business demands 24 hour a day, 365 day a year monitoring with fault tolerant storage and continual data backup, Logix Development Corporation's DataCenter will deliver the commitment you need.

A look at some of  the equipment used in the Logix Development Corporation DataCenter:

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Custom Software and Technology Development

Logix Development Corporation excels in the creation of software and custom database programming.  Our software development platform, created for our own use originally, has been used worldwide in over seventy countries in both government and private sectors.

Logix has also created a revolutionary new system of software and technology to service the needs of the Satellite Entertainment Industry.  Our system is completely integrated with a call center, data center and back office processing.

We are also currently involved in projects under Windows 95/98/NT platforms, and exotic video and data storage systems.  Our programming staff is well versed in the latest technologies, hardware and software capabilities, high-speed communications and WAN implementations.

Logix programmers are skilled systems analysts who will assist in your project from conception to delivery. We will not only create custom software for your company, but will also write specifications for independent review, assist with hardware purchases and site set-up, provide remote and on-site training and assistance, and assist in developing long-term strategies for technology implementation.

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Automated Call Processing Systems

Logix Development Corporation offers 24 hour automated call processing.  One system handles multiple business options and routes the call according to the number which was dialed. Message content and menu options can change without programming. You decide what messages you want callers to hear when they choose certain options. Depending on whether they are new or existing customers, you can give them different options and they can hear different messages. If you choose, callers can leave a message or speak with one of our trained Customer Service Representative.   You can use this service to sell your product to existing customers, offer technical support, take surveys and customer comments, or provide a host of other services. We'll work with you to get you up and running fast!

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Technology Consulting

Logix Development Corporation offers consultation for any and all the services we provide.  You will find our staff to be knowledgeable, courteous and eager to assist you in project design, hardware considerations, platform selection or in answering any questions you may have pertaining to the computer field.   Above and beyond software and technology issues, Logix is a company that is dedicated to achieving its goals through the fair and just treatment of its clients, competitors and employees. We conduct our business in a forthright manner, in strict compliance with all applicable laws, rules and regulations.

Our strength lies in the combined talents, skills and disciplines of the Logix staff.   We emphasize teamwork at all times, both internally and externally. Attention to detail and performance are stressed in every staff function, and carried through to the highest levels of management.

By subscribing to this policy, our results have reflected project success time and time again. We are confident you will feel satisfied in working with Logix Development Corporation.

Thank you for visiting our web site!  We look forward to working with you and your firm in creating..."Systems that add to your bottom line!"

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Web Design and Hosting

With the ever increasing popularity of the Internet, Logix Development Corporation serves up a rich menu of products and services as an Internet Presence Provider (IPP). Excluding the traffic of dial-up customers experienced by ISPs, our T-1 links provide you with excellent bandwidth, promoting quick delivery of your web site to the Internet surfer. 

The Internet can be used in conjunction with your existing marketing vehicles as an interactive medium. Through the World Wide Web, you can request feedback from your potential customer, take orders, fulfill requests and build mailing lists. Logix allows you to take this a step further by incorporating our 24 Hour Call Center's 800 number operations into your marketing strategy.  We can write custom programming scripts to fit your specifications, which enable the Customer Service Representative to capture your order, open new accounts, verify credit and much more, working through field-by-field instructions.

Additionally, your electronic mail can be received by a POP3 Internet Mailbox if you choose to have one. Again, our programming department can fit your specific needs for automated response.

Our Graphics team is available to provide quality service from concept to publication. We can assist you in writing or editing your copy, designing a site that complements your image and style. We can integrate the corporate identity you have used in traditional advertising campaigns, or create a new image as we establish your presence on the World Wide Web. Available services include original logo design, image scanning, editing and enhancement; 2D and 3D design and animation; and video capture and digitization.

Our basic Web Site Package includes:

Pricing is available upon request. Pricing for additional services available through Logix Development Corporation is based on the type of service used and contract term.

Please contact the Technical Development department at (805) 384-1460 for more information concerning consultation and costs for Internet services, or send an email now to

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Pop3 E-Mail Accounts

Are you a current Internet User ready to change your e-mail address due to a change in school, or your job or home address? 
Or are you just a little tired of being listed as a number instead of a name? 

Are you currently sharing your electronic mailbox with family members or roommates who shouldn't be reading your mail?

We've got a system that's just what you're looking for!  Logix Pop3 accounts are inexpensive, private, and your address never changes, even if you move or change Internet Service Providers!

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Electronic Commerce Support

We can provide "shopping cart" services for your Web site, information collection of various kinds including mailing lists and surveys, and produce all kinds of interactive Web experiences.  We can also process credit card, debit card, ATM orders, and "checks by Internet" though our facilities, using state of the art secure technologies to assure safety and reliability of the transactions.

Don't have a merchant account?  We can help you get one, and fast!  We've helped clients get accounts that were in some cases opened the same day!

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Intermercial Development

"Intermercial" is a term we coined for a professional quality voice-over for your World Wide Web site.  We use top of the line voice over talent who can create different sounds in narrative, two person or multiple person scripts.  Logix can help you put this entire concept together, and can even host the site or supply audio without moving your existing web site.  We can help you design and script the voice over, supply talent and music, and give you that edge over your competition while delivering a unique message using this new advertising vehicle.