Logix Clients

Project clients

These are a few of the clients that Logix has provided or is providing technology development for.  This in the past has usually taken the form of business or scientific software, but in recent times has included custom hardware design as well.

Accelerated Chart Movement
California Closet Company
Famous Amos Chocolate Chip Cookie Company
FlowServe Corporation
Martin Marietta
SpecQuest, LLC
SPOTime Media, LLC
U.S. Marine Corp
U.S. Social Security Administration

Development Platform clients

Logix created, and still uses, the LPM development platform running on the Clarion language.  This product, and a line of add-ons and accessories, was hugely successful in the Clarion marketplace.  The list of clients who have purchased this system from us number in the thousands, but a few will suffice to show the scope of the usage:

Database Technologies Online
Internal Revenue Service
Saudi Arabia Royal Navy
U.S. Social Security Administration
WordPerfect Corporation

Technology Services clients

Among the services we provide to clients like these are: automated voice processing, satellite transponder time and consumer authorization, data processing, computer animation and in-house infomercial development, graphic design services, and web site design and hosting.

A&E Network
Emerald Media Incorporated
Home Safe Home, LLC
Mars and Venus Counseling Services
Merlin Sierra, Inc.
Phone-On-Hold Marketing
ShowTime Networks
T.A.C. Incorporated
TVN Networks

Marketing clients

Logix provides telemarketing services for clients such as the ones listed below.   Many are inbound sales handling, but outbound projects can be handled as well.   We also do infomercial and TV spot development and placement in many of these cases.

Emerald Media Incorporated
Home Safe Home, LLC
Meridian, LLC
SPOTime Media, LLC
The Space Frontier Foundation
SwitchHouse, Inc.

What our clients say:

"We appreciate the service that your organization has provided us in the past, and hope to continue the positive relationship in the future. Logix Development has been an asset that has provided excellent customer support during the course of the past year. Please extend my most sincere appreciation to your staff for the courtesy and professional service they have demonstrated to our members."

--Arra Yergenian
Chief Executive Officer
Switchouse Inc.