Corporate Info

The Executive Team

Each staffer at Logix is an important part of the company.  But, some of us have more visible roles than others:

        D. Keith Howington, Chief Executive Officer
        Pauline Malysko, President and CFO
        Anne Howington M.R.S, Vice President of Special Projects

Professional References

Logix has been very well served by our relationship with Los Robles Bank (now Santa Barbara Bank and Trust).  Bruce Dart and the team at this bank go out of their way to make sure that the needs of a rapidly growing business are thoroughly met, even if the business does not fit a "standard definition".  They have taken the time to learn what we are about, what our needs are, and where our goals and aspirations are taking us, and the result has been excellent service and a great "fit".  We recommend


For legal matters we turn to The Law Offices of Michael L. McQueen. Over the years Mr. McQueen and staff have shown the type of ethical and professional counsel one hopes to acquire and maintain. We acknowledge them for holding their client's interest close to heart and providing superior representation. Send them a hello at